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Increase your sales with the Google Shopping management Service

You can reach a broader audience and increase your online sales volume by using Google Shopping. You can also use Google Shopping to boost your brand’s exposure on Google and attract clients who are interested in what you offer.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a product search engine that allows consumers to shop from several online shops.
Your products will not display in Google Shopping unless you submit them to Google Merchant Center and pay for Google Shopping advertisements, which can appear at the top of the main SERP for a query or in the Shopping tab accessible from the main SERP. Google Shopping, a Google Ads tool, allows you to advertise physical things on Google.


Why use Google Shopping?
There are several advantages to marketing your items on Google Shopping. Consider some of the most obvious benefits.

1. Improved search engine rankings

When a user searches for a product-related question, Google Shopping AdWords display it at the top of the search results page (SERP); they stand out visually from the rest of the SERP, mostly text.

2. Broad presence

A single SERP may have many Shopping ads from the same retailer. On the same search engine results page, an organic search result from your site may appear alongside Shopping advertising and text advertisements (SERP).
Advertising on Google Shopping is one efficient approach for getting clicks from those seeking a particular product.

3. Access qualified leads

You may target people looking for items like yours by putting advertisements on Google Shopping. Potential clients will be much closer to making a purchase choice if you present all the essential facts in your Shopping ad before even visiting your website.

4. Access to information

Google Shopping also allows you to examine data on your adverts’ effectiveness quickly. Ads may be targeted to the most profitable items, and future purchases can be planned more wisely.

One example is click-through rates on advertisements for particular items. This information is easily obtained by modifying the filters on your product view. By comparing your efforts to the industry norm, you may learn where you stand.

How Does Google Shopping Work?

Types of Google Shopping ads :

Product shopping ads
A Google Shopping ad usually includes an image and a short description of a single product.

Showcase Shopping ads

By utilizing the ad as a comparison tool, users may be able to reduce their options to the most excellent potential fit quickly.

Local inventory ads
Allow you to showcase goods in stock at a particular store. Customers who click on these advertisements will be sent to a website that represents your business and gives information such as hours and inventory.


What does our Google Shopping management service include?

  • Creating custom strategies for your business that meets your specific goals
  • Ensuring that the product data in the merchant center is accurate
  • Matching your product images to the ad performance to improve lead generation
  • Managing bidding strategies to maximize return on investment
  • Evergrow Digital is a certified Google Partner, which means our team has the expertise within Google Ads, met ad spend requirements, and achieved growth within the agency and client revenue.