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How have simple digital mtools helped our business last year?


How have simple digital tools helped our business?

We have worked with a number of new marketing tools to help our gift business.

First and foremost, we revamped our website to enable the consumer to shortlist their own products from more than 3000 choices to choose from, streamlining the process for both client and our team. Our website now allows for every single B2B customer to choose their specific requirements without going back and forth. Furthermore, we implemented a chat feature for our website visitors to help improve customer experience. It has benefited us in creating additional database and followup on opportunities, and we can confirm that 10% of our leads were generated by this feature alone.

Google ads including search and display, deployed for our target market, generated significant numbers of qualified leads through email,direct call, chat. These leads were captured by Pipedrive tool, organized and prioritized for our sales team to followup with at a later stage. Pipedrive, then-on became a reporting tool for our sales team to record customers in their current stage along the customer journey. This enabled the team to track each and every prospect, creating an action plan with the aim to close the deal. This process helped make our customer flow watertight and also led to effective CRM.

We then developed mailchimp platform for our business, allowing us to introduce new products and/or services to these clients. This supported us generating new inquiries from past clients, along with any others that they had shared the email with.

Digital tools have been instrumental to our business development and customer journey. We stopped all cold calling and was able to achieve 100% inbound leads due to the effective implementation of digital systems in 2019. We strongly recommend all business owners, especially in the SME sphere to embrace simple and cost effective tools as it will become a strong foundation for business growth and rapid scalability.