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Digital transformation may not be a full software or ERP which many people might believe in itself. It first relates to the mindset in which using digital tools can bring newer opportunities for a business, allowing for proper research to take place and enables the creation of plans that can be integrated into your business. 

We can look into how we make use of technology in every aspect of business: This article covers sales prospecting and lead generation in particular.

We will talk about digital transformation for other business functions in our next articles such as sales, operations, team management, communication, commercial reporting.

In B2B businesses, LinkedIn is excellent channels to the fullest by creating a content plan to reach out to current clients on a regular basis. It is essential that there is a proper deployment of inbound marketing in order to reduce the burden on sales teams to find prospects and make cold calls, who instead can focus on closing the incoming pipeline of leads. 

Tools like HubSpot allow SMEs to achieve lead generation and engage in active CRM simultaneously to efficiently mobilise the business further. This can also become a KPI tool for sales teams.

Also, sales prospecting tools like Leadfeeder help to get clear insight into the types of online users that visit your website even if they have not filled out any contact forms.

With Leadfeeder, all you have to do is install the Leadfeeder Tracker script and connect your Google Analytics account to track and analyse visitors you were never aware of.

Even Google has developed a performance planner which, along with dynamic ads, generates opportunities for keyword analysis and creates ads based on synonyms gathered through machine learning tools. These allow you to reach target audiences without compromising the quality of leads.

Moreover, LinkedIn Sales Navigator has excellent functionalities for not only finding prospects but putting together clear plans that can be converted into business outcomes.

In Summary, lot of such new tools has created exponential opportunity for organizations to go reach out prospects outside local geography, new customer segment and leverage the sales funnel to next level.