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WWD + LED Master


Developing an online visual identity via Multi-channel Digital Marketing

About WWD + LED Master

Worldwide Digital is a young at heart company with some of the most experienced professionals. As a global leader in the graphics and signage industry, WWD offers durable, efficient, game-changing print solutions and sign supplies with a primary focus to create exceptional communication experiences. Their products help businesses to get the attention they deserve.

Led Master is a global leader in the visual industry and one of the most influential digital display solutions provider in the UAE. They transform display experiences while delivering the best-in-class LED display solutions, including – indoor, outdoor and rental applications. With their products hundreds of businesses are thriving while boost their brand experiences.

Service: Digital Marketing

Challenge: When WWD first came to us, they did not have any kind of online brand presence. A non-functional website, no social media handles, no marketing or advertising history, only a sales team that was used to cold calling or other known referrals, let alone any hint of lead from an online source. They reached out to us for a complete digital marketing solution, where we not only establish but also maintain their online brand presence.

Solution: With the critical elements put in place to boost online presence for the brand, our design team worked hard to revamp their logo. Once through with the basics, we went on to establish the overall communication strategy to reach out to their ideal customer with niche pieces of content, inclusive of case studies based on previously done projects, posting of the installation or brand videos and other news updates on the interesting trends of the industry.

Result: We have efficiently achieved a dynamic growth of 400% in social media followers within the first quarter. Overall Social media traffic is up by 246% driving more brand engagement through video and other impactful content. Also, we increased their LinkedIn organic traffic by 100% which was a clean sweep, given they had no social media presence to begin with.