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Shield FM


Leveraging social media as a Lead Generation source to drive sales

About Shield FM

Shield FM is well-known for delivering integrated facilities management services in UAE. They offer complete facility management solutions ranging over 30 services. Shield FM is known as a regional leader in providing high quality services at unbeatable prices. They are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Their key services include – residential deep cleaning, disinfection, pool cleaning, lawn maintenance, dog walking, AC Repair, home improvement services & much more. Shield FM selflessly serves Dubai 365 days a year.

Service: Social Media Marketing

Challenge: When Shield FM first approached us, they walked in with a new company website with under optimized content and untouched social media handles. As a newcomer to the increasingly populated online space for facilities services, the real challenge was to not only elevate their brand awareness but also build a smart lead funnel for a MoM revenue growth.

Solution: In order to build a healthy sales funnel with high-quality leads, we built a comprehensive online marketing funnel with consumer focused content marketing along with data-driven paid advertising on social media with an enhanced customer insights to create a healthy pipeline of online leads for the client. In the initial phase, we closely monitored the competitor’s and our target audience to understand what works best for our client. Once we had built the actual funnel post our research, we created conversion-friendly communication tailored to match the different segments of our services and target groups. After successful completion of deploying videos that were shot inhouse along with our highly engaging sales driven communication across social media, we left our lead generation “machine” turned on to keep feeding us with incredible leads.

Result: This campaign was a game-changer for Shield FM. They went from barey starting out with a new website and brand new social media handles to to generating 350+ leads within the first two months. Through this powerful lead generation funnel, we were also able to achieve a decreased CPL by 80% for our client, marking a successful business quarter for our client.