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Expanding the reach and boosting brand awareness via Emails

About Sandalyeci

A global manufacturer in the hospitality furniture industry, with their headquarter located Izmir, Turkey. Having served the market for almost two decades they combine high-end technology manufacturing with expert craftsmanship to create durable furniture. They create hundreds of customized varieties of wooden and metal chairs, tables, booths, sofas and other types of furniture for hotels, restaurants, bars and coffee shops in Turkey and all over the globe.


Email Marketing.


When Sandalyeci team first approached us, their email strategy was not well-defined and the information was not segregated into lists in their old database. They wanted a precise email sequence for cold, warm, and hot leads – with an emphasis on nurturing their current customers with an engaging direct response content via drip email campaigns.


Sandalyeci had a very limited email strategy to begin with. Hence, we started from scratch by cleaning and segmenting the lists from their old database. Once that was done, we moved on to validate their data to build an authentic list of customer base. We developed a creative with two goals in mind: re-engaging their current customers by upselling other relevant products and gather referrals to build new channels of sales. We planned an email sequence with targeted content inclusive of the latest offers or competitions where they could win premium furniture for free. It was deployed to increase the customer engagement and interaction with the brand.


The strategies we implemented for their email sequence, they saw a significant improvement in their email deliverability due to a solid data validation right in the beginning. Alongside, this fantastic victory of delivering emails in the inbox and not the spam folders, we were able to strengthen their relationship with their customers through direct response email. In our email strategy, we also created some evergreen pieces of emails that Sandalyeci can use in the near future to keep their audience engaged.