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About Riyal

Riyal Electrical is one of the most preferred cable supplier in the UAE, serving the top industrial and infrastructural projects across the Gulf region countries. Riyal is a proud electrical equipment supplier in the UAE, that keeps the world connected through quality products & a diverse customer portfolio.

Service: SEO

Challenge: Due to the lack of an established online presence, the brand suffered from low website traffic and no sales conversions.

Solution: With our in-depth SEO research we provided the brand with a strategic marketing model to recreate the brand communication. The execution included resolving various website errors, change in the aesthetics to make it more user-friendly for customers while updating the content with an industry specific keyword strategy for Google to find the brand with ease.

Result: Within the first 3 months of updating highly targeted SEO content across the website, the keywords for which the brand wanted to rank for increased by 200%. While most of the keywords appeared in the Top 10 list. Riyal secured over 100 leads only through our SEO efforts in the initial 6 months. Ahead of the other backend website changes that were implemented the client saw an incredible increase in the organic traffic leading to a solid increase of 235% visibility in website traffic.