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OK Middle East


Maximizing the brand reach to drive qualified leads through PPC

About OKME

OK Middle East is an event management and planning company in the UAE that specializes in both commercial and corporate events. With a team of passionate individuals, they offer in-house personalized experiences for all kinds of event and exhibition needs. Some of their clients include: Mercedes, Ferrari world, EY, Veritas, and other prominent names.

Service: PPC

Challenge: OK Middle East reached out to us, in search of expanding their reach to the potential clients to offer premium service and unforgettable experience. Our challenge was to increase their database with the right target group while seeking aggressive revenue growth through online resources. This was to be achieved by developing a high-performing paid strategy with a core focus on increasing the brand’s footprint to drive sales that matter.

Solution:To accomplish the need for generating qualified leads with minimum spend and maximum impact, we planned and executed a well researched Google Ads campaign to reach all the potential clients with the intent-based keyword targeting of the services to provide the relevant information that their client was looking for.

Result: With a laser-focused approach on new and ideal customer acquisition, our team decreased the CPC by 40% with a record-breaking increase of 125% in SQL. In addition, we managed to hit their MoM sales targets beyond every expectation by constantly monitoring and deploying reactive ad optimization strategies to get our client real time results to close some of the major accounts.