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About IMQ Gulf

IMQ GULF a part of the compliance expert, IMQ Group is here to help businesses, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, regulators, consumers and more to escalate their product performance via world-class testing and audits.IMQ Gulf provides comprehensive certification solutions for Safety, Quality, Sustainability, Risk Management, and Competences.

IMQ Gulf is a part of the IMQ Group that has an unwavering existence and legacy of 70 strong years.The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MOIAT) and SASO (KSA) has approved IMQ Gulf as a Notified Body.

Service :

  • Increasing Brand Awareness through Linkedin , Facebook , Instagram
  • Optimising SM channels for better reach with content strategy
  • B2B Awareness stage content
  • Lead Generation on Linkedin



IMQ Gulf is a new Company in UAE with no online presence. When they first approached us their Gulf brand did not have any online presence within the Middle East.They reached out to us for optimizing their social media channels and for a better reach with content strategy. They also wanted to generate leads through LinkedIn and inform their customers about the wide range of services offered.

Our experts helped Increase Brand Awareness for IMQ Gulf. We formulated content strategy and refined their Linkedin page to give it a professional front .

We have also Considered content on LinkedIn to attract the right ICP. We went on to establish the overall communication strategy to reach out to their ideal customer with niche pieces of content, inclusive of their certifications, posting of any services they come up with within the Gulf.

We have successfully Increased the impressions within their social media by 285% . Also, we increased their LinkedIn organic traffic which was a clean sweep, given they had no social media presence to begin with.Their overall Engagement rate saw an increase by 350% whilst working on us and applying the tried and tested methods of content marketing.