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Everhot Water Heaters


About Everhot Water Heater 

Al Huraiz Water Heater Division established in 1975 is renowned with its Flagship Brand, EVERHOT, synonymous with water heaters in GCC countries. Their World class Italian technology has established our supremacy in the market; the three core products, the Heating element, Thermostat, and safety Valves, are made in Italy.


  • Social Media Content Strategy
  • B2B Lead Generation
  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Nurturing



Everhot has a reputation for being the best water heater in the gulf for after-sales service and the best value for price and maintenance. Though they have been in the market with an extensive distribution network via retailers/wholesalers they wanted to capture more leads online to increase digital sales.


Our experts at Evergrow Digital implemented and executed a complete social media strategy focusing on the USP of their brand. We launched social media channels for the brand in key regions generating awareness and helping us convert more leads.

Result :
We were able to increase Social Media Engagement by 150% . They also started receiving Inbound leads from month 3 and experienced a decrease CPL by 100%.