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How does Evergrow Digital work with Consumer Brand on Brand Funnel to convert into marketing results ( take reference from pitch deck of Evergrow Digital and Emami)?


The objective of this case study is to showcase how EG, a marketing agency, partnered with Emami, for a renowned skin care brand Creme 21, to create multiple packaging designs for different bottles and containers of their new line of products. The aim was to enhance brand appeal among young arab audience, attract the target audience, and drive marketing results.

Emami, a prominent player in the skin care industry, sought EG’s expertise to revamp Creme 21, their packaging designs and establish a stronger brand presence in the market. This case study highlights the detailed process undertaken by Evergrow Digital to accomplish the desired marketing results through the creation of multiple packaging designs. 


Evergrow Digital analyzed Emami ‘s existing packaging, market positioning, and target audience.

  • Extensive research was conducted to identify emerging trends, consumer preferences, and competitor strategies in the skincare industry.
  • A team of creative designers, brand strategists, and marketing experts brainstormed 37 initial packaging design concepts.
  • The designs were presented to Emami with detailed explanations, visual representations, and strategic insights.
  • Emami evaluated the designs based on factors such as brand alignment, differentiation, consumer appeal, and shelf presence.
  • The selected designs were refined based on Emami’s feedback, focusing on color palettes, typography, imagery, and layout.
  • Comprehensive design files and guidelines were provided for seamless implementation across various packaging formats.
  • Performance metrics such as sales figures, consumer feedback, and market response were monitored and evaluated after implementation.
  • Opportunities for further improvement were identified based on the evaluation results.Results and Marketing Impact: The collaboration between Evergrow Digital and Emami resulted in the successful creation of multiple packaging designs that revitalized Emami’s brand image and strengthened its market position in the skin care industry. The redesigned packaging had a significant impact on Emami’s marketing results, including:
    1. Increased Brand Appeal and Recognition: The new packaging designs captured the attention of Emami’s target audience, leading to heightened brand appeal and improved recognition among consumers.
    2. Enhanced Product Differentiation: The innovative packaging designs helped Emami differentiate itself from competitors by presenting a fresh and distinct visual identity, ultimately increasing shelf presence and consumer engagement.
    3. Improved Consumer Perception: The redesigned packaging designs effectively communicated Emami’s brand values, creating a positive perception among consumers and establishing a stronger emotional connection with the target audience.
    4. Boost in Sales and Revenue: The revitalized packaging designs, coupled with strategic marketing initiatives, contributed to a noticeable increase in Emami’s sales figures and revenue generation.

     EG’s collaboration with Emami in the skin care industry, focusing on multi-packaging design, resulted in a successful transformation of Emami’s brand funnel. The incorporation of innovative packaging designs played a pivotal role in enhancing brand appeal, attracting the target audience, and driving significant marketing results for Emami.