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Creme 21


How EG works end to end with FMCG company — Creme 21 Packaging, Influencer, Brand Activation, Event, product experience in retail, POSM


Introduction: Creme 21 Packaging, a German FMCG company in the cosmetics industry, partnered with EverGrow Digital to revamp its packaging design and execute a summer campaign to attract a younger audience. This case study explores the strategies and activities undertaken by EverGrow Digital to help Creme 21 Packaging achieve its objectives of refreshing its brand image and driving sales in retail.

Objectives: Creme 21 Packaging had two primary objectives for its collaboration with EverGrow Digital:

  1. a) Revitalize Brand Image: Creme 21 Packaging wanted to give its products a fresh and appealing look to attract a younger demographic. The company aimed to update its packaging design to align with the evolving preferences and trends of the target audience.
  2. b) Boost Retail Sales: In addition to the visual rebranding, Creme 21 Packaging sought to increase sales in retail stores by leveraging various marketing strategies and activities.

EverGrow Digital’s Approach: To meet Creme 21 Packaging’s objectives, EverGrow Digital adopted a comprehensive approach that included the following components:

  1. a) Packaging Design Concepts: EverGrow Digital conducted market research and analyzed consumer insights to understand the preferences and expectations of the target audience. Based on these findings, they developed innovative packaging design concepts that resonated with the younger demographic. The design concepts incorporated vibrant colors, modern typography, and elements that reflected the brand’s values and positioning.
  2. b) Summer Campaign Strategy: Recognizing the potential of seasonal marketing, EverGrow Digital devised a summer campaign strategy for Creme 21 Packaging. The strategy encompassed both digital and traditional marketing channels to maximize reach and engagement. The goal was to create a buzz around the brand and its products during the summer season when consumer demand for skincare and cosmetics typically peaks.

Execution: EverGrow Digital implemented the following tactics to bring the strategy to life and achieve the desired outcomes:

  1. a) Influencer Marketing: To enhance brand visibility and credibility among the target audience, EverGrow Digital collaborated with relevant influencers in the beauty and skincare industry. Influencers were engaged to create authentic and engaging content featuring Creme 21 Packaging products. This approach helped to amplify brand messaging and attract a wider audience.
  2. b) Brand Activation: EverGrow Digital organized brand activation events in high-traffic locations, such as shopping malls and beauty expos. These events provided an opportunity for consumers to experience Creme 21 Packaging products firsthand through interactive demos, product sampling, and personalized consultations. The brand activation activities aimed to create a memorable brand experience and foster brand loyalty.
  3. c) Retail Product Experience: EverGrow Digital worked closely with retail partners to optimize the product placement and overall shopping experience. They ensured that Creme 21 Packaging products were prominently displayed, accompanied by informative signage and attractive visual merchandising. This approach aimed to increase product visibility, generate interest, and ultimately drive sales in retail stores.
  4. d) Point of Sale Materials (POSM): EverGrow Digital designed and produced eye-catching point of sale materials to support Creme 21 Packaging’s retail efforts. These materials included shelf talkers, display stands, posters, and brochures featuring the new packaging design and the summer campaign messaging. The POSM materials were strategically placed near the product displays to capture consumer attention and communicate key product benefits.

Results: Through the collaborative efforts of EverGrow Digital and Creme 21 Packaging, the following outcomes were achieved:

  1. a) Refreshed Brand Image: The updated packaging design successfully appealed to the target audience, attracting a younger demographic and revitalizing the brand’s image.
  2. b) Increased Sales: The comprehensive marketing strategies and activities led to a notable increase in sales for Creme 21 Packaging. The brand’s presence at retail stores was enhanced, resulting