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Bulls Hardware

Enhancing the product portfolio of an e-commerce website

About Bulls Hardware

Bulls Hardware is a 100% UAE based company bringing construction and building material solutions to you online! As one of the most reliable building material supplier in the UAE, Bulls Hardware offers a wide range of products and construction solutions for a variety of industries. The range of products that we supply includes Power Tools, Paints, Protective Coatings and Paint Accessories, Quality Hardware and Hand Tools, Safety Accessories, Plumbing Items, Pipes and pipe fittings, Faucets, Electrical Items, Gypsum Materials, Timber & Steel.

Service: E-commerce

Challenge: The real challenge with BullsHardware was where they began their journey with us… The old website contained a minimal amount of content, design, images, overall website pages and lacked a clear website structure for a smooth user experience. Our job was not only to upload products that had over 10k+ variants but also to add new relevant content to drive organic traffic to the revamped website. Another challenge was to showcase every product in a logical manner that is both appealing and accessible to the end consumer. In parallel, our team worked on improving website functionality by recreating a solid frontend and backend experience that made the life easier for anyone visiting the website.

Solution: Our strategy revolved around data, and learning how effective that data was to build something highly impactful for their business. Right from selecting product categories to product placements to using relevant call to actions – everything was strategically placed to help us implement our data driven approach to maximize conversions every step of the way.

Result: We developed a modern e-commerce website design, that now includes well optimized pages across the site, new SEO content to boosting the online e-commerce presence, successful upload of 1500+ products all leading to a significant 50% increase in a month on month organic traffic at BullsHardware.