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About :

As an early leader in the field of customer experience management in the Saudi market, Alsilacx drives the planning, design, and delivery of innovative, differentiated customer experiences. AlasilaCX provides leading customer experience solutions based on deep knowledge and advanced technologies.

Service :

  • Video planning and coverage of the Gitex event at World Centre Dubai
  • Cover the critical aspect and position of Alsilacx as a premium solution provider in the Middle East


Challenge :

Solution :
Our experts at Evergrow Digital helped with Content planning. Daily video and photoshoots on Event days were one of the primary service solutions provided by the Evergrow team.
Our team also Covered key aspects and positions of the company. We provided event highlights in a compiled Video, which helped them increase their brand awareness and net follower count.

Result :
Overall, followers and engagement went up due to video content.